The Bell Photo Album

A personal photograph album belonging to sixth officer Bell of the Oceanic
containing photos taken between 1909 and 1912

The album includes photos of Charles Lightoller (2nd officer, Titanic) and Joseph Boxhall (4th officer, Titanic). Included are 2 photos of Lightoller and Boxhall together, 4 of Lightoller (2 on his own and 2 with other officers), 6 of Boxhall on his own and with other officers.

The photos of Boxhall were all taken on Oceanic in 1909 on which he served as 5th officer. All the Lightoller photos were taken on Oceanic in 1909 as well, except one which was taken onboard Majestic on the 17th August 1912 (4 months after Titanic). This photo is the last one, below. All photos have been meticulously captioned by officer Bell.

All together, there are 12 different photos of Lightoller and Boxhall. There are 2 photos of 2nd officer Blair taken onboard Majestic on 29 August 1912. (Blair was navigator on Oceanic when she was wrecked in 1914.) There is also a photo of chief officer Summers who went on to command MV Britannic.

All together there are 103 photos of which 52 are officers, 1 is a doctor, 1 is a bandsman and 1 is a photo of Mrs. Martin, stewardess, in a deckchair onboard Oceanic. There are 48 deck scenes taken onboard or in port, including photos taken on the bridge.

Some of the other officers included are Graeme, Brown, Drake, Cookson, Simmons, Mcpherson, Bell himself, Burd, and Oldershaw.

They were mostly taken on Oceanic (41 photos) but other ships featured include Athenic (1911, 16 photos), Medic (1911, 15 photos), Runic (1911 and 1912, 10 photos), Majestic (1912, 16 photos), Cymric (1912, 1 photo), Celtic (3 photos) and Zealandic (1 photo of officer Stubbs taken in London docks, 1915).

The size of the photos is 4" by 3". They are in very good condition and all are captioned.