R.M.S. Celtic (II)

Celtic was the second White Star liner of this name, and was the first of White Star's turn of the century "Big Four". Launched in 1901, she was the first ship to exceed Great Eastern's gross tonnage and was the first ship ever to exceed 20,000 gross tons.

Celtic made her maiden voyage, Liverpool-New York, on 26 July 1901. She served principally on that route until World War I, although she also did some cruising, and made a couple of voyages out of Southampton in 1907.

Taken over as an armed merchant cruiser in 1914, she became a troopship in 1916. Celtic was a very lucky trooper; she survived the war even though she hit a mine in 1917, was torpedoed in 1918, and eluded at least one other U-boat attack. She returned to Liverpool-New York service after the war, and on 12 December 1928, was wrecked at Roche's Point, Cobh. There were no fatalities, but Celtic was a total loss and was broken up at the site. Demolition was completed in 1933.

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