R.M.S. Lucania

Lucania was the younger sister of Campania. Lucania was Launched at Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering in Glasgow in 1893, and made her maiden voyage on 2 September of the same year, from Liverpool to New York.

Like her sister, Lucania was a Blue Riband winner. She bettered Campania's westbound record in August 1894, and then beat her own record in September 1894 and again in October 1894. She also took the eastbound record from her sister in May 1894, and then broke her own records in June 1894 and May 1895. Lucania held both records until Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, took the eastbound record in November 1897 and the westbound one in April 1898.

Lucania was the first Cunarder outfitted with Marconi wireless (June 1901) and was also the first to publish a daily bulletin based on news received by wireless (October 1903).

Laid up in 1909, Lucania burned and sank in her dock in Liverpool in August. She was then sold for breaking up at Swansea.

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