A product of Harland & Wolff, Belfast, Atlantic Transport's Minnehaha was launched in March 1901. The second of three sisters -- Minneapolis was older, and Minnetonka (I) younger -- Minnehaha made her maiden voyage, Belfast-New York-London on 11 August 1900. She then entered ATL's regular London-New York service.

Minnehaha was involved in two unfortunate incidents during her career with ATL. In 1900, she collided with and sank the tug American in New York Harbor, killing two of the tug's crew. Then, on 18 April 1910, she ran aground off the Scilly Isles and remained there until 13 May, when she was refloated.

Unlike Minneapolis and Minnetonka, both of which became troop transports, Minnehaha remained in ATL service during World War I. Nonetheless, she suffered the same fate as her sisters. She sank four minutes after being torpedoed by U 48 off Fastnet on 7 September 1917, with the loss of 43 lives.

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